Herbal ointments

Marigold, comfrey, chamomile, arnica and Sea buckthorn are important curative herbs used in the traditional folk medicine for centuries. The marigold blossom (Calendula officinalis) is used for the preparation of potions, infusions and extracts. As for comfrey (Symphytum officinale) it is its root that is mainly utilized, but also its leaves can be picked and used. One of the effective elements of comfrey is allantoin that is used in curative and cosmetic preparations. As for chamomile (Chamomila recutita) it is its dried floral garb without any addition of stems and leaves that is utilized. As for arnica (Arnica montana) it is its blossom essential oils that are mainly used. As for Sea buckthorn seed (Hippophea rhamnoides) it is its cold-press seed oil that is utilized. As for plantain (Plantago lanceolata) it is leaf that utilized mainly for its beneficial effects.

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Cannabis Ointment

Cannabis ointment Dr. Müller Pharma is an effective preparation with contect of cannabis sativa seed oil and active substance called canabidiol (CBD). Thanks to its unique composition it soothes and regenerates the skin. The ointment is recommended for use on dry, sensitive and generally problematic skin. Proven ointment base helps to soften and grease the skin and glycerole contributes to the maintanance of natural hydration. When used for massage, it helps to regenerate tired mussles.

Can be applied as often as needed and is suitable for longterm use.