Chest Rub Balsam

Chest Rub Balsam is suitable for massage of the chest, throat, forehead, temples and nape. The balsam contains essential oils – volatile, water insoluble products of plants, and mixtures of substances with a very strong odour.

Chest Rub for Kids

Gentle product for care of children´s sensitive skin with ointment base of shea butter, beeswax and almond oil. Contained essential oils (pine, fennel, thyme and cloves) facilitate breathing during the common cold and help to open up the airways.

Use: Apply a small amount of balm to the chest and back area and massage gently into the skin. The massage releases the contained essential oils and heats the skin. Application of the product also softens and soothes the skin of your kid. Avoid contact with eyes during use.

The preparation does not require preservation.
Suitable for children from one year of age.

Chest Rub Balsam

Included essential oils (pine, peppermint, eucalyptus and fir) in combination with menthol and camphor have a positive effect on respiratory symptoms during a cold and stuffy nose.