A louse is about 2-4 millimetres long parasite, the hair nits are brown and bound on hair. The louse attaches its eggs close to the scalp. The children louse spreads by direct contact mainly in families, pre-school and school collectives, dormitories and so on. In a lower degree it also spreads by means of various objects (combs, hair brushes, headgears and bed linen). Primarily people with poor hygienic habits get afflicted, yet those who strictly stick to good hygiene can also be infected. The general precondition in the prevention of pediculosis is personal hygiene, especially repeated washing of the head, and in case of infestation, immediate treatment with a proper preparation. If the infestation occurs in a group of people, it is necessary to treat all of the people there. The louse is more and more resistant to many preparations. Všiven® contains essential plant oils and fruit extracts that can reduce the occurrence of lice in hair. It is easily applicable and safe.

VšiVen® Hair Balsam and Shampoo

The hair balsam
 Contains efficient natural essential oils and fruit extracts that diminish louse occurrence in the hair
 Easy application
 Safe and efficient

The shampoo
 Extends the effect of the hair balsam 
 Diminishes excessive hair dryness and supports hair regeneration



Hair balsam
1. Apply it thickly on to your hair (to the roots and along the whole hair)
2. Rub the hair by your finger tips to apply the product to the scalp
3. Let it act for 2 hours at least, best overnight (pack the hair in a plastic and a towel)
4. Then wash your hair, best by VšiVen® shampoo, dry the hair and style as usually
5. For successful application, repeat every 2-3 days for at least 2 weeks


1. Apply the VšiVen® hair balsam and let it act for at least 2 hours. Then wash your hair by the VšiVen® shampoo well, let the hair dry or use a hair dryer and style the hair as usually
2. For successful application, repeat every 2-3 days for at least 2 weeks