Our services

Dr. Müller Pharma is the largest independent manufacturer of medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetics, and food supplements in the Czech Republic.


Having the latest manufacturing technologies from world’s leading manufacturers, Dr. Müller Pharma can offer following services:


Non-sterile semisolid and liquid products for external and internal use


GMP certified.


Manufacture of following pharmaceutical forms:

  • ointments,
  • creams (o/w and w/o),
  • gels,
  • herbal syrups,
  • oral/nasal sprays,
  • solutions,
  • products based on surfactants and tonics.


Vertical, horizontal and special homogenizers.

Fully automated control via PLC, process visualization and control of a unique identifier (barcode scanning).



Suppositories and vaginal globules


GMP certified.

Manufacturing of following pharmaceutical forms:

  • Suppositories for adults
  • Suppositories for children
  • Vaginal globules


Filling into ALU cavities.

Fully automated control via PLC and processes visualization.




Hard boiled lozenges (pastilles) and tablets


Manufacturing of following types of lozenges:

  • sugar,
  • sugar free,
  • herbal,
  • medicinal lozenges.


Manufacture of tablets by:

  • fluidized granulation,
  • dry granulation,
  • micro pellets.



Fully automated control via PLC and visualization processes.

Automatic IPC for the basic parameters of the tablet.






GMP and organic certified.

Types of packagings:

  • double chamber tea bags in outer paper or foil envelope,
  • double chamber naked & knoted tea bags in “Aroma Box”,
  • loose teas in bags,
  • single chambre tea bags without string & tag,
  • “naked“ single chambre tea bags,
  • hand-packed tea selections & specialities.




Primary and secondary packaging


Primary packaging of:

  • semisolid products into tubes (laminated with EVOH or ALU barrier, ALU tubes),
  • tablets and capsules (hard /soft) into PVDC/ALU and ALU/ALU blisters, nitrogen atmosphere
  • suppositories and vaginal globules in ALU foil,
  • filling liquid products into bottles.


Optional printing of cover foil.

IPC for each blister with digital camera.


Secondary packaging of all dosage forms:

  • tubes,
  • cans,
  • sprays,
  • bottles,
  • blisters with tablets or capsules.

Adding leaflets (PIL)

Check pharma code

Dynamic Weights for on-line control of each product unit


Tertiary packaging (carton, shipping carton):

Fully automated via PLC.