Medical devices and cosmetic products of the Hyalosan range contain biologically active hyaluronic acid, some of them in combination with lactic acid. Hyaluronic acidis important natural component of many tissues of human body including the skin and mucous membranes. In the vaginal environment it forms a protective gel, which instantly protects and moisturizes mucous membrane, supports natural mechanisms of vaginal mucosa moisturization and accelerates natural process of its regeneration. It also prevents thinning of vaginal mucosa and supports its restoration in a period of natural or chemotherapy- or surgically-induced menopause. Lactic acidis under physiological conditions produced by bacteria, which colonize vaginal mucosa. It ensures acidic environment of vagina, which backwardly supports growing of natural bacterial microflora and also creates unfavourable conditions for the occurrence of undesirable microorganisms.

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Hyalosan vaginal suppositories

Medical device

Hyalosan vaginal suppositories with hyaluronic acid maintain naturally moist environment of the vaginal mucosa. They are used to support regeneration and restoration of the natural state of the vaginal mucosa in the case of problems caused by vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy.

One suppository daily for first ten days or as recommended by your doctor.

For the treatment of vaginal dryness caused by menopause, apply one suppository for first 10 – 20 days, followed by a long-term treatment with one vaginal suppository 2 times per week. Hyalosan vaginal suppositories are intended for vaginal use only.

Do not use if the packaging is damaged. Do not use after the expiry date listed on the package. Keep out of reach of children.

1 package contains 10 vaginal suppositories with content of hyaluronic acid.