Medical devices and cosmetic products of the Hyalosan range contain biologically active hyaluronic acid, some of them in combination with lactic acid. Hyaluronic acidis important natural component of many tissues of human body including the skin and mucous membranes. In the vaginal environment it forms a protective gel, which instantly protects and moisturizes mucous membrane, supports natural mechanisms of vaginal mucosa moisturization and accelerates natural process of its regeneration. It also prevents thinning of vaginal mucosa and supports its restoration in a period of natural or chemotherapy- or surgically-induced menopause. Lactic acidis under physiological conditions produced by bacteria, which colonize vaginal mucosa. It ensures acidic environment of vagina, which backwardly supports growing of natural bacterial microflora and also creates unfavourable conditions for the occurrence of undesirable microorganisms.

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Hyalosan intimate wash foam for woman in puerperium

Fine wash foam with hyaluronic acid, oak bark extract and gentle detergents for everyday care of female intimate parts during the postnatal period. This wash foam is suitable for everyday intimate hygiene and thanks to the lactic acid content, maintains the natural pH of intimate areas. Oak bark has an adstringent effect on the skin which enhances its natural regeneration.

This wash foam does not dry out the skin, but on the contrary, thanks to content of hyaluronic acid, soothes and leaves it perfectly clean, soft and naturally moisturized.

A necessary helper for the intimate comfort of every woman.