The rank of the products for hair care has been developed based partly on the most modern active ingredients intended for protection, nourishment and a better look of hair, and partly on fine tensides used in hair cosmetics.
The most effective agent in all these products is panthenol which is contained in a biologically active concentration – shampoos contain 3 % and conditioners contain 4 % of panthenol. The provitamin B5 is necessary for beautiful hair.

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PantheHair® Shampoo for Normal Hair

PantheHair® shampoo for normal hair contains 3 % of panthenol that is beneficial for the hair. The use of the shampoo will result in beautiful and fine hair.

  • Everyday care for the hair
  • Care for the hair in case of worsened quality of the hair

Use: Apply the shampoo on wet hair and massage the skin of the scalp untill foam is formed. Let the shampoo act for some time. Then wash your hair thoroughly.

200 ml